La-Mulana 1 & 2 coming to the consoles

Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

It’s officially announced today, console version La-Mulana 2 will be available in western market!
One more thing, its predecessor, La-Mulana 1 will be released simultaneously!!
Both are coming spring 2020.

The special package, “LA-MULANA 1 & 2 HIDDEN TREASURES EDITION”, includes OST and art book.
Pre-order has begun today at NIS America website.

Lastly, NIGORO’s director, Takumi Naramra shows up PAX WEST and His session starts 4pm on Friday 30th at Hydra Theatre in Grand Hyatt Hotel. Don’t miss out if you are coming to PAX WEST!


We are going to exhibit in the indie game area of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014.
Both business day and public day, 4 days in total.

The Indie game area is near boundary between HALL 2 and 3, and our booth is close to open patch, it’s almost middle of the area.

I, Naramura, will be around our booth, or pop up PYGMY STUDIO’s booth.
Then, I am at niconico’s booth on Sunday in the morning.

Maybe, I will be away because of taking a break or seeking “”Yo-Kai Watch”” goods for my kids.
Otherwise, I am staying aroud our booth.

LA-MULANA 2 itself is still at the early stage of development, so the playable demo is same as the one we exhibit at Bitsummit and PAX. We made some modification to Kickstarter version.
This time, we are going to unveiling new logo design, and we have made a video.
It’s full of unreleased information, and clarifies changes of “LA-MULANA EX”.
Plus, we have prepared new postcard for TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014.

People in eastern Japan especially who couldn’t come to BitSummit because it was too far, let’s shake hands with me at TOKYO GAME SHOW!

LA-MULANA meets Mighty No.9

Finally, I met him.

Mr. Inafune’s company, Comcept, is not small, but he said “I set up this company so that I will do what I want.” and said “that’s because the company is an indie game studio”.

We have got a great senior associate in Japanese indie game industry. Please watch the movement of the industry from now on.

The atmosphere of our booth at TGS

After TGS, I said I would not open new information about LA-MULANA2 for a while, but I show you our stuff exhibited at our booth.

a_tgs08 a_tgs09
Our booth was like this. We made a panel of the heroine of new project.
I wondered how visitors would react to the alteration that the heroine replaced the hero, though. That illustration was highly appreciated.

a_tgs10 a_tgs11
We have not decided the system of the new game yet, but we wanted visitors to see a new ruin. So, we prepared a test version for visitors that was modified the system of LA-MULANA.

We counted how many people died.

We got some interviews.

a_tgs14 a_tgs15
Few visitors from overseas seemed to know this figure is my avatar.

a_tgs16 a_tgs17
We prepared scores and art books of LA-MULANA like these.
There were some characters’ illustrations of LA-MULANA2 in the art books, but just a few people tweeted photos of them.

We let visitors take photos of them freely, though.

Thank you for coming to our booth at TGS

I’m now able to concentrate on my work because I have recovered from fatigue of the TGS expedition.
Thank you everyone who came to play LA-MULANA2 at TGS.

a_tgs02 a_tgs03
We had a fun because that was rare opportunity for us to watch many people playing our game in front of us. I was surprised that I found even some women and kids were playing it. I thought only pops play our games.

I suppose some people are expecting new information about LA-MULANA2, but we will not open it for a while. We will start to release a bunch of new information at a certain point. Imagine this and that until then.

A hint is “The upside-down Yggdrasil”. You can see that in LA-MULANA, too.
Other hints of LA-MULANA2 are also scattered in the LA-MULANA ruins.