Death Village


In the haunted burg of Death Village, there lives a nervous old man named Kevin. As the local real estate agent, it’s his duty to inspect all the empty houses, but he finds the job so terrifying that by the time he’s done he’s completely forgotten the way out! Fortunately, the local ghosts and ghoulies are actually quite friendly sorts and want to help him out. Can you use their powers to guide poor Kevin to the exit?

How to Play

howto1A : Kevin
B : Hand Cursor
C : Time Remaining
D : Give Up Button
E : Shadow Toggle Button
Turning shadow effects off can improve game performance, so if your game runs sluggishly, try setting this to Off.


NIGORO Flash Bar

1 : Pause Button 2 : Visual Quality 3 : Mute Button 4 : Music Off 5 : Adjust Volume


Click “Enter” on the title screen to view the mode selection menu.


Play the 15 stages of the main game of Death Village. You can select different stages. Clear them all to see the ending.


An editing mode that lets you construct your own original stages. You can also save the stage data you have created and release your stages on the Internet.
Click here for detailed editor instructions


A series of 10 stages designed to help you practice the various traps in Death Village. An explanation is shown before each stage. This mode is highly recommended for beginners.


This mode lets you play stages that have been uploaded onto the Internet. New stages will continually be added from people around the world, so you can keep playing even when you’ve exhausted the rest of the game.

Kevin’s Moods

Kevin’s patterns of movement change depending on how frightened he is.
Normal: Kevin walks back and forth in either direction without stopping. He will ascend or descend any staircase he encounters. After using a staircase, he cannot take it again until he has passed by it one time.
Curious: If he hears a soft or distant sound, a question mark (?) will appear, and he will set off to investigate the direction of the noise. He will ignore staircases as long as the question mark is shown.
Jumpy: If a door slams behind Kevin, or he hears a loud noise, he will stop and start walking toward the noise. You can make him turn around and otherwise guide him by setting off noises on purpose.
Frightened: If a door closes in front of him, or if he sees a monster from far away, he will be startled and run off in the opposite direction. He will stop if he reaches the edge of the floor. In this state, he will ignore all staircases, so you can use this to get him around stairs you don’t want him to take.
Panicked: If Kevin is frightened several times in a row, or sees a monster appear right in front of him, he will panic. In this state, he will run pell-mell, leaping across gaps in the floor and opening doors by himself. If he runs into a wall or into a bathroom, he will calm down. If he gets panicked too many times in a row, he will faint on the spot and the game will be over.
It would be wise to learn how to use all of these states to your advantage.

Game Over

The game ends if Kevin:
* Faints from panicking too much
* Touches one of the monsters
* Falls from a high location (short falls will not result in Game Over)
* Moves outside the boundaries of the stage

Stage Objects

Move the hand cursor over an object to change its icon.
Knocking Hand: This means you can click to activate the trap or object.
Gripping Hand: The cursor changes to this when placed over a door. Click and drag the cursor to open or close the door.



This is the goal. Get Kevin here in time!



Kevin’s too timid to open doors in dark places, so let’s click and drag to open them for him. Opening doors makes noise, but if you do it slowly the noise will be soft. You can also just click to knock on the door.



Kevin only climbs up and down these when he’s feeling calm. While on the stairs, he takes extra care to watch his footing, so during this time he will ignore the noises around him.


Slipping Stairs

Slipping Stairs

Click to transform the stairs into a slippery slope. If Kevin is on them at the time, he will slide down to the bottom. Some traps can be evaded by sliding.


Thin Floor

This floor is so thin that walking on it requires extreme caution. If Kevin is startled while walking on this, he will fall right through.



Makes noise if it falls on the floor. If it hits Kevin it will knock him unconscious, but if he hits it while panicked, it will calm him down. The silver one will fall if it takes an impact from its surroundings, while the gold one will fall if you simply click on it.



If Kevin passes by while the wind is blowing, his lamp will go out.


Squeaking Floor

Squeaks when Kevin walks across it. If a bat is nearby, it will react to this noise.

Network Stage


Select NETWORK STAGE on the title screen to view a list of uploaded stages. You can search by Difficulty, Stage Name, Author Name, and Time Limit. Set your desired search criteria, then click the Sort button (either New or Old).

Clicking RANDOM PLAY in the lower-right corner of the screen will have a random stage selected for you. Click END to return to the title screen.


Click a stage’s Details button to see detailed information about that stage. Stages can be deleted on this screen by entering the password set during the stage’s creation into the PASS field and clicking the Delete button. Click the BACK button to return to the stage list.

Stage difficulty is not specified at the time of creation. Rather, it is determined by the ratio between the number of people who play the stage versus the number who finish it.