LA-MULANA 2 update and autumn sale

We’ve been carefully going through all of the reports received from players and have implemented all sorts of fixes and updates, which have been made available as of today in the ver. update.

We’ve implemented the much-requested loading screen, and cloud saves are now available as well. Some of the Encyclopedia entries have been updated with new sketches, so if you’ve cleared the game, be sure to check out the Encyclopedia!

Please Note
**After updating, you will need to configure your gamepad’s directional key (first time only).**
**You can configure these settings from the “SYSTEM CONFIG” item on the bottom-right side of the title screen.** Update Details

– Optimized certain processing.
– Fixed gamepad compatibility and behavior.
– Fixed bug causing CPU running at 99-100% while launching the application.
– Fixed bug preventing events when equipping Gale Fibula.
– Fixed bug causing stuck when releasing Ankh while using Lamp of Time.
– Fixed bug making it impossible to fight certain Room Guardians again after warping during battle.
– Add some sound and graphic effects.
– Reconsider preventable attacks and non-preventable attacks by Shield.
– Fixed/adjusted platform certain Room Guardian/Guardian’s field.
– Replaced all illustrations in the Glossary.
– Fixed, adjusted and added text.
– Fixed other small bugs.
– Supported Steam cloud Save.
– Fixed tag information for the OST.

The Autumn Sale is on Now!

Additionally, LA-MULANA 2 will be available at a 20% discount until
10:00am on 11/27 during our Autumn Sale, so don’t miss out!

LA-MULANA 2: $24.99 → $19.99 (20% OFF!)
LA-MULANA 2 OST: $14.99 → $11.99 (20% OFF!)

The original LA-MULANA is also available for $4.94 – an amazing 67% off!

LA-MULANA 1: $14.99 → $4.94 (67% OFF!)
LA-MULANA 1 OST: $14.99 → $4.94 (67% OFF!)

You can purchase LA-MULANA and LA-MULANA 2 together as a set for a further 15% OFF!
If you’ve already purchased one but not the other, you can buy the one you don’t yet own for a further 15% discount off of the sale price!

Purchase the set here:

Take advantage of the extra-long autumn nights to get your exploration-adventure fix!


Thank you for waiting, LA-MULANA 2 Original Sound Track is now available on Steam!

Commemorating TGS exhibition and OST release, LA-MULANA series will be discounted for limited time.

・LA-MULANA 2 : $24.99 → $19.99 (20% OFF!)
・LA-MULANA 2 OST : $14.99 → $11.99 (20% OFF!)
・LA-MULANA 1 : $14.99 → $4.99 (67% OFF!)
・LA-MULANA 1 OST : $14.99 → $4.99 (67% OFF!)

And then, we have sent OST Steam keys to eligible backers from Playism. Please check your registered email account.

We are going to release LA-MULANA 2 OST on Bandcamp and iTunes, too. But it may take some more time. We will let you know as soon as we prepare for it.

We are happy to announce those news for you during Tokyo Game Show 2018.
So, see you at KONAMI booth in Hall 5, Makuhari Messe!

Physical release

At today’s Playism media conference, it was announced that physical release of LA-MULANA 2 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation® 4 will be released in Japan.

As the premium for the first release, the original sound track disk will be included!

We have a plan to release the physical release for outside of Japan, too. Please wait for further detail since we are still working on it.

You might think “Why is NIGORO in KONAMI booth?”
Because KONAMI is going to distribute LA-MULANA 2 physical release.

We are so excited about it and that must be a good news for everyone wants to play LA-MULANA 2 on consoles!

Tokyo Game Show 2018

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is starting on 20th September, and LA-MULANA 2 console version will be revealed in the event!

LA-MULANA 2 will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and XboxOne sometime around next spring 2019.

In TGS2018, PS4 version is playable at NIGORO booth, and Switch version will be displayed. It’s our first time showing console versions, so you can be a witness.

And then, you can play LA-MULANA 2 at KONAMI booth in Hall 5.

There is a stage event for LA-MULANA 2 in the KONAMI booth at 3PM on 21st September. We have a few more news to be announced during TGS2018.

Finally, NIGORO’s director, Naramura will be around the booth for 4 days.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Makuhari Messe!

NIGORO is joining in Busan indie connect festival 2018

Thank you everyone coming to NIGORO booth in PAX WEST.
In this September, NIGORO is going to exhibit LA-MULANA 2 at some game shows around the world.

Next, we are flying to South Korea and joining in Busan indie connect festival 2018 starting on 13th Sept.

We feel a little bit nervous, because it’s our first time to join South Korean game event.
If you are going to come to the event, please drop by out booth.
The director of NIGORO, Naramura will be there.

Looking forward to seeing you at Busan!