Physical release

At today’s Playism media conference, it was announced that physical release of LA-MULANA 2 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation® 4 will be released in Japan.

As the premium for the first release, the original sound track disk will be included!

We have a plan to release the physical release for outside of Japan, too. Please wait for further detail since we are still working on it.

You might think “Why is NIGORO in KONAMI booth?”
Because KONAMI is going to distribute LA-MULANA 2 physical release.

We are so excited about it and that must be a good news for everyone wants to play LA-MULANA 2 on consoles!


  1. We are afraid this release in Japan doesn’t support English text. But we are keep working for releasing LA-MULANA 2 for overseas. Thanks for your patience.

  2. jonathon doyle says


    Will the Japanese physical have English support ? I have it on order

  3. Will the Switch’s Japanese La-Mulana 2 physical release support English as well?

  4. Hi, may i know if there is any english support for the japanese release ?

    Really want to get one copy!

  5. skarl0s says

    Awesome! can you let me know when La Mulana 2 Physical comes out? or where I can subscribe to be more up to date? I don’t want to lose it, even if it costs me more to import it. Cheers!

  6. Guido Roque says

    A phisical, or even a digital release on PSVita would be soooo good!
    Think about it, please!!!

  7. Ray de Luna says

    As a Switch owner I’m happy to hear this. But given Konami’s reputation in the West, I worry that it will not sell well here in the United States.

  8. Congratulations! It must be so amazing to have La-Mulana 2 distributed by Konami, of all people! NIGORO has come so far…I’m so proud of you!!!

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