Console version LA-Mulana 2 release date in Japan

Finally, the release date for Switch/PS4/Xbox One version has been determined.
It’s June 27th 2019.

Prior to the release date, pre-order starts at various stores today. The limited edition includes “ruin explorer’s note” and the original sound track “LA-MULANA Journey”.
Details on

It is going to take some more time to release console version ‘s LA-MULANA 2 outside of Japan. But, when the time comes, we believe we can bring another good news as well.


  1. We are afraid this release in Japan doesn’t support English text. It supports Japanese and Chinese. But we are keep working for releasing LA-MULANA 2 for overseas. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Hi, does the physical edition of this game support english or chinese?

  3. Will the Japanese release include English?

  4. Daniel says

    Does the Japanese version feature English text?

  5. DockEllisD says

    Will the Nintendo Switch version be translated into English, or will it be only in Japanese? I can’t seem to find that information anywhere.

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