What’s NIGORO?

NIGORO is a naughty group that doesn’t watch main stream nor trend of the game, and make games as we like!
We grow up on playing retro games. Our purpose is to pursue and to evolve more the fun of them.
NIGORO is not a game company. To be exact, NIGORO is a game development department of ASTERIZM corporation. The games are developed by NIGORO members have released as a brand name “NIGORO”. We may also sell on behalf of other game developers. In that case, they have released as a brand name “ASTERIZM”.
It is hard to understand. lol.

In the United States, indie Games has considerable demand, and many developers have been successful. In Japan, when it comes to a genre called “DOUJIN”, there are successes. On the other hand when it comes to a genre called “INDIE”, there are few successes. On top of that, indie games themselves are not so popular.

In that circumstances, we have the ambition to be successful Japanese indie games and hope to boost Japanese indie game development field which like-minded people. We are working with such thoughts. Thanks.


NIGORO’s information is available on Twitter. It might be just as well to follow it.


Q&A about NIGORO

Q:Are you looking for the staff?

A:We have NO MONEY!

Q:Hey, I want to use images of your games on my website.

A:Feel free!

Q:Can I link a URL of NIGORO’s game to my Twitter?

A:You can, You can.

Q:Do you have a banner?

A:Can use this!

Q&A about NIGORO’s Flash games

Q:Games don’t work.

A:Install the latest Adobe Flash Player!

Q:Tell me the recommended system requirements.

A:Any system Flash runs lightly.

Q:I was really into game, so mouse cursor got out of the game windows.

A:Take it easy.

Q:IE6 said that restricted from running Active something.

A:Allow it.


Contact us

For inquiries regarding business and questions about NIGORO, please contact us by this form.
About business, the person in charge from ASTERIZM CO., LTD. will answer by return.

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