LA-MULANA 2 console version for overseas

It’s almost one month to release console version of LA-MULANA 2 in Japan.
This version’s LA-MULANA 2 supports Japanese and Chinese text.
English is not included.

But, we are working for overseas release, too.
Once it gets ready, we believe we can bring another good news as well.
Thanks for your patience.


  1. Kieran says

    Any news on this? I bought the game on PC at release just to support great developers like you but am waiting to actually play it on switch haha. Also, please consider releasing the first game on switch as I would happily repurchase!

  2. Fenizrael says

    I am very excited for English release on Nintendo Switch.

  3. Fenizrael says

    I am so excited for English release! I am checking regularly for news!

  4. I’ve already played the game on PC on launch, but I’m excited for the console people to be able to play it too. Good job Nigoro.

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