LA-MULANA Mac OSX / Linux version update

While we are still busy working on La-Mulana 2, thanks to Playism’s help, Mac OSX / Linux version’s LA-MULANA has been updated.

LA-MULANA on Steam will be updated automatically, and if you bought DRM free version from Playism, you can download it anytime at their website.

NIGORO actually didn’t develop Mac / Linux version at all. We did outsource the porting works, so could you please directly report to Playism if you encounter glitches?

We would appreciate your help and hope you recommend LA-MULANA to Mac / Linux users as well.

LA-MULANA(PC/Steam) Update

We got a bug report from an overseas player who said “I have nailed the glitch at the final boss fight! It’s a quite rare case, though.”

We acknowledged the game freezing glitch by watching play-through videos, but we couldn’t figure out why it happened and couldn’t deal with it because all our resources are focusing on La-Mulana 2 development.

The glitch was fixed right away since the report was very specific. We thank him very much!!

So, La-Mulana Ver.1.6.6.x is released today.

It will be automatically updated on Steam client. If you got a copy from Playism or other distributors, please download it again at each distribution’s site and overwrite your previous La-Mulana installation.

We are still busy working on La-Mulana 2.
Thank you for your patience.

Tokyo Game Show 2016

Of course, we are going to exhibit in Tokyo Game Show 2016.

We have got a bigger booth that we can prepare 2 playable machines since LA-MULANA 2 is getting close to completion. We are planning that right side is for people who say “Let me try a little bit.”, and left side is for people who say “Let me take time.” Because some of our visitors are sticking our booth for long time or coming back again and again until they beat a boss.

Anyway, finally you can fight against a guardian on the latest playable machine. The guardian is really fresh, newly created one which “haven’t adjust difficulty for many people” and I think “that would be no problem”. Hope you enjoy it. First 15 players who beat the guardian, Fafnir, on public days can get a mini poster. But I think some mini posters would be remaining after all.


This is the mini poster. The illustration is the latest one that I actually requested long time before. The logo is brand-new. We have some stickers, too. We welcome your challenge to get this illustration at Indie Game Area in Tokyo Game Show. I, Naramura, will be staying at NIGORO booth all the time because everyone is crazy about VR.

Mac version’s LA-MULANA

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.22.10 PM

Today, we announce Mac OS version’s LA-MULANA which was prepared for Humble Bundle sale is officially released on Steam.

To be honest, there was no plan to port into Mac OS, so we did outsource the development.
We understand the quality isn’t perfect despite it took long time.
There might be some glitches compare to the windows version.
But we call it official version, because we don’t have much time to refine it any more.

That is the reason why LA-MULANA2 is being made by Unity that is capable for multi-platforms.
NIGORO games will not give up Mac users from now on!

Can’t you believe it?

I am a longtime Apple user since Power Macintosh 7500.

A long-awaited dream


La-Mulana Original Sound Track was special price with La-Mulana itself on Steam.
Regarding the OST, my long time dream that I had almost given up comes true.

Now, it is available on iTunes Store!!
La-Mulana (Original Soundtrack) by NIGORO on iTunes

It is also available on some other music distribution services like Google Play.
NIGORO: La-Mulana (Original Soundtrack) – Music on Google Play La-Mulana (Original Soundtrack): NIGORO: MP3 Downloads

And then, I can finally delete enormous mp3 data of the OST from my computer.

This is definitely a good option for the people who wanna listen the OST on iPhone, who hesitate to buy it at Bandcamp and who don’t listen music on steam.