NIGORO is joining in Busan indie connect festival 2018

Thank you everyone coming to NIGORO booth in PAX WEST.
In this September, NIGORO is going to exhibit LA-MULANA 2 at some game shows around the world.

Next, we are flying to South Korea and joining in Busan indie connect festival 2018 starting on 13th Sept.

We feel a little bit nervous, because it’s our first time to join South Korean game event.
If you are going to come to the event, please drop by out booth.
The director of NIGORO, Naramura will be there.

Looking forward to seeing you at Busan!

LA-MULANA 2 will be available on consoles

We just announced it today at Pre-PAX. LA-MUALANA 2 will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It will be released in Spring 2019!

We will post more updates on this blog at a later date.
This must be good news for those who play games mainly on consoles.

PAX WEST 2018 & Pre PAX

We are going to exhibit LA-MULANA 2 at PAX WEST 2018.
The location is #6120 on the 6th floor. Almost same place as last year.
We will announce something new about LA-MULANA 2, so you don’t miss it!

One more thing, Microsoft is holding ID@Xbox Pre-PAX on 30th August.
We are going to exhibit LA-MULANA 2 there, too.
The venue is Microsoft Building 33, McKinley conference room.

Why are we going to join the event? Can you guess what??
Visit us and get the latest news before anyone else!

About controller settings

We have got a lot of messages about gamepads (including PS4 controller).
Let us explain further details about controller settings.

First of all, key configurations are separated into two sections: “SYSTEM COTROLS” and “SETTINGS”.
To make sure essential configurations work propery, we decided to do that because it’s difficult to be fully compatible with many kind of gamepads and regional specifications.


Setting Up/Down/Left/Right and Confirm/Cancel
Each game pad has different number of buttons, you can choose the Confirm/Cancel button by yourself.

SYSTEM COTROLS menu is on the right bottom of the title screen.
If you use a gamepad other than XBOX controllers, start setting with “SYSTEM COTROLS”.


You can select “CONTROLLER SETTINGS” in “SETTINGS” menu from the title screen and configure In-game action buttons.
If you want to withdraw exsisting key assign, press Confirm button for a second.

For those who are using PS4 Controller(DualShock4), please set up your Steam client first and launch LA-MULANA 2.

Steam -> Settings -> General controller settings

LA-MULANA 2 is now on sale!

It’s been 5 years since the project started.
We’ve been waiting for this to happen.

LA-MULANA 2 is now on saleļ¼

Available on Steam / PLYISM / GoG / HumbleStore.

There are many important things for you to explore the ruins.
However, we gonna let you know two key things really essential.

1. Take notes

LA-MULANA 2 is seriously huge ruins and various clues are scattered in them. Take notes and organize them to solve puzzles.

2. Save your progress frequently, and also keep the history as much as you can.

You wouldn’t know what’s gonna happen in the ruins. We recommend to use up all 15 save slots, and keep your data every time you make a progress.

When you launch La-Mulana 2, “LaMulana2” folder will be made in application data folder. All the save data files will be stored in the folder.
Copy a whole “LaMulana2” folder to back up save data files.

e.g.) Windows 10

e.g.) macOS
C:\Macintosh HD\Users\[user_name]\Library\Application Support\unity.NIGORO.LaMulana2\

It’s gonna be a perfect adventure for your summer holidays!

Please contact PLAYISM support team for any inquiries via Email: