LA-MULANA 2 is releasing!

Thank you for waiting LA-MULANA 2 such a long time.

We have just announced the release date in LA-MULANA fun meeting.
It’s just 36 hours from now, at 10am on 30th July (PDT).
LA-MULANA 2 will be available on Steam / PLYISM / GoG / HumbleStore.

Please contact PLAYISM support team for any inquiries via Email:

Make sure you are ready for it?
Hope you enjoy LA-MULANA 2.

LA-MULANA fun meeting: LiveSteam Party!

Thankfully, all tickets for LA-MULANA fun meeting was immediately sold out.
We were trying to secure some more seats, but it’s difficult to make it.
So, we are going to livesteam the party on 29th July (JST).

We recomment to watch it on niconico for Japanese audience.

For western audience, watch it on Youtube or Steam Live Stream.

As you may know we are all Japanese, simultaneous English interpreting will be provided.
We couldn’t be happier if many people join the “Commemorating the Completion of La-Mulana 2”.


BitSummit Vol.6 day1 / NIGORO 11th anniversary

Today, NIGIRO goes into our 12th year. NIGORO have made 13 games so far, and our 14th game, LA-MULANA 2 is coming in this summer.

In BitSummit Vol.6, we set a playable version that you can actually play from opening to ending.It appears in PLAYISM booth where is located along left side wall, close to Microsoft booth.

It’s Okay if you make some noise playing with your friends, or throw away a contoller on the half way.Hope lots of visitors come and play it.

See you then!

Teaser site open

We just revealed something called “Teaser site“.
Will update more information about LA-MULANA 2 on the page.

By the way, BitSummit 6 in Kyoto is starting tomorrow, and LA-MULANA 2 will be displayed there.

There is no NIGORO booth, but it can be seen at a corner of PLAYISM booth. You can start to play it form the very beginning point of the game.
It takes some time to walk through the introduction part, but you can see someone playing it in the back, and you can beat it to inherit from previous player’s progress.

NIGORO members also will be hanging around PLAYISM booth.
Looking forward to seeing you at Miyakomesse in Kyoto!

Release infomation on Famistu

This is Naramura, we haven’t updated LA-MULANA’s official website since we started Kickstarter campaign.
We reveal some information about LA-MULANA 2 because the development is coming to the end and we can finally say it wouldn’t delay anymore.

This week’s Famitu is featuring PLAYISM, and LA-MULANA 2 appeared whole SIX PAGES in that contents.
6 pages is a very big deal for indie games

While we stayed in home and kept developing, time has come to pay attention to indie games?
The article is all about our interview, BitSummit Vol.6 the release is coming this summer, etc.

Actually, I haven’t got Famitu yet, because it will be available tomorrow in my hometown.