About controller settings

We have got a lot of messages about gamepads (including PS4 controller).
Let us explain further details about controller settings.

First of all, key configurations are separated into two sections: “SYSTEM COTROLS” and “SETTINGS”.
To make sure essential configurations work propery, we decided to do that because it’s difficult to be fully compatible with many kind of gamepads and regional specifications.


Setting Up/Down/Left/Right and Confirm/Cancel
Each game pad has different number of buttons, you can choose the Confirm/Cancel button by yourself.

SYSTEM COTROLS menu is on the right bottom of the title screen.
If you use a gamepad other than XBOX controllers, start setting with “SYSTEM COTROLS”.


You can select “CONTROLLER SETTINGS” in “SETTINGS” menu from the title screen and configure In-game action buttons.
If you want to withdraw exsisting key assign, press Confirm button for a second.

For those who are using PS4 Controller(DualShock4), please set up your Steam client first and launch LA-MULANA 2.

Steam -> Settings -> General controller settings


  1. Ryusei says

    As PJ Said, first puzzle was on the title screen all along.

    Just one suggestion, changing a button already assigned should erase the previous assignment, allowing for swapping buttons, currently you can only assign a new button to an option and you’d need a third “free button” to switch between 2 already assigned options.

    Anyways, keep up the amazing work and once again thanks for La Mulana 2!

  2. Thanks for your comments.
    It’s just quick FAQ for you.

    1. Controller settings/configurations/key binds

    Please have a look at online manual, too.

    We will look into PS4 controller issue and fix it.

    2. Flame rate issue
    We are trying to improve it, but some users are facing this problem simply because of PC specifications.
    Please make sure your computer is capable of at least minimum requrements.

    3.Bug report

    There is a topic you can report bugs on Steam community. We would appreciate if you find something and report to it.

    Again, thank you for playing LA-MULANA 2!

  3. Classic Nigoro – first puzzle is before you even start the game!

    I eventually figured it out, but it’s a bit annoying that when you use a button used for something else, it fails. In most games it usually succeeds, but previous action assigned to that button becomes unassigned.

    The way it is now it’s really annoyinh if you want for example to swap buttons for Menu and Pause – you have to change some other button to do that.

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