The atmosphere of our booth at TGS

After TGS, I said I would not open new information about LA-MULANA2 for a while, but I show you our stuff exhibited at our booth.

a_tgs08 a_tgs09
Our booth was like this. We made a panel of the heroine of new project.
I wondered how visitors would react to the alteration that the heroine replaced the hero, though. That illustration was highly appreciated.

a_tgs10 a_tgs11
We have not decided the system of the new game yet, but we wanted visitors to see a new ruin. So, we prepared a test version for visitors that was modified the system of LA-MULANA.

We counted how many people died.

We got some interviews.

a_tgs14 a_tgs15
Few visitors from overseas seemed to know this figure is my avatar.

a_tgs16 a_tgs17
We prepared scores and art books of LA-MULANA like these.
There were some characters’ illustrations of LA-MULANA2 in the art books, but just a few people tweeted photos of them.

We let visitors take photos of them freely, though.


  1. thethingexe says

    Is there any other way to get the art books or scores?

  2. The japanese word for cool or awesome is much better than ours just from the sound, but I do not know how to spell it with the alphabet…. SUKE!

  3. Oh man, new Mulbruk is pretty fantastic.

    Any chance you’ll be selling those blob figurines?

  4. 100% excited.
    WIll those artbooks ever be available for purchase or something?

  5. Oooof would love to buy that La-Mulana shirt, a Naramura figure, see the art book scans. Love this game 🙂

  6. The designs for the new game are really cool. I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  7. Jack Dandy says

    Xelpud, Mulbruk, and the Fairy Queen! They’re all coming back! Please, post hi-rez version of them.

    But where are Lemeza and Shawn?

  8. Tinker says

    This looks great! Very excited about La-Mulana 2!

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