The final day of TGS

Well, it’s the final day. I am going to get on the stage of indie game booth twice today.
My 1st talk is scheduled at 10:50. I will appear on “Commentary by the Scene’s Finest: Edition 4” for introducing LA-MULANA. That would be a very short time.
My 2nd talk is scheduled at 16:10. I will appear on “Indie Game Talk Live”.
Surprisingly, Mr. Inafune appears on it, too.

At the night, the start-up party of INDIE STREAM will be held in the head-office building of SCEJ. This event was planed by Naramura and Mr. Agarie who is making TENGAMI from NYAMAM. We have big news only for that party.

We didn’t inform much this time for the people who come to visit our booth in TGS.
We will immediately summarize and release a report on NIGORO’s blog right after TGS.
Some more information about LA-MULANA2 will be also gradually released.

We enjoyed getting your opinions and seeing your comments on LA-MULANA’s blog.
Let’s share those pleasures again.

A preliminary announcement of new project starting

Well, La-Mulana’s remake project was announced in 2009, wasn’t it? It has been 4 years since last time we announced a new project, indeed.
We had been under development about 2 years, and after that, we have engaged in La-Mulana for two years by all possible means.

Surely, we are making the new game right now. We must get through some works, at least we can display a promotional video at TOKYO GAME SHOW so that you will be able to play a demo over there.
I am very happy to bring back a sense of making games after a long time.

I think I should share this happiness for everybody.

Speaking of new project, we need to make a special website which is in name only. In fact, it is my playground.
We will publish that soon, and I will enjoy teasing you till TGS. Don’t miss it.
Anyway, we won’t count it down.

We will do something outside of TGS.

As PLAYISM has already announced, we will hold an event like this.

Just to let you know, Naramura is one of the hosts.

It costs us a lot to exhibit at TOKYO GAME SHOW such as travel, accommodation and equipment fees. It is difficult to make that money for Japanese indie game developers. So, some developers of our acquaintances gave up on joining it for that reason. It is also impossible for us to attend TGS with all members. Then, we decided to hold the event as we thought we’d better to set another purpose other than TGS. The plan was getting pumped up while I am unaware.

We, who are trying to enter the global market, are keenly aware of walls which can’t smash by individual. In fact, this is a circumstance that we think it is essential for indie game developers to unite in order to spread Japanese indie games to the world, however we can’t afford to run such a unity.


Some developers come from overseas though, it must be gathered conscious people who are eager to spread their own games into the world. No way we miss this opportunity. We’d like to appeal to indie game developers who exhibit at TGS or only drop by TGS.

Originally, it is not NIGIRO’s proposal. Mr. Agarie from NYAMYAM, who is now making TENGAMI, call up the idea and I went along with it. We suggested this plan to companies, then, the event is brought to realization.

Now, we take action as we are likely to shrivel up ourselves if we just wait movement of our surroundings or game industry. I think we would publish more information that we won’t do even at TGS. Unfortunately, this event is open for limited people such as indie game developers, media reporters and publishers. Be sure to come to the event if you are eligible. I just face the event like “Let’s drink with us”, because I’m not well-prepared yet.

The ultimate collaboration


We have combined our highly recommended work “LA-MULANA” and the most well-known of our works “Rose & Camellia”!
This looks exciting.

Visit the United States

I have to do everything what I can do before publishing La-Mulana on Steam, because it is the last and the biggest opportunity. But, there are things that are just out of my control. In particular, to sell La-Mulana on Steam is meaningless if it is not sold in huge numbers in overseas, so we must promote it in overseas. However, we are in financial difficulties. We know it is a golden opportunity, but it’s impossible to get out of Japan and do advertising campaign overseas. Wait a second, will we regret not to do that even if we get into debt? But…

Since foreign journalists who are attending at Bit Summit are originally interested in Japanese indie games, so we have to make other people aware of La-Mulana. Then, I have got the biggest offer ever in the biggest opportunity.

I am going to GDC2013, and I will give a speech at the conference. As indie game developers, or rather as Japanese, I will be the second person who gives a solo speech. The first person is Mr. Amaya who is known as the developer of Cave Story.

About my speech, I wonder what I should say in the same way as the speech I did in Taiwan because we haven’t developed high quality games that we can be proud of. Well, it would be successful if I make the audience laugh. Instead, I am going to do everything such as interview and promotion. I have got support of PLAYISM, Bit Summit and so on for the visit to the U.S.

Wanna peep at IGF which is held next to the conference. Wanna talk with foreign indie game developers. Wanna meet La-Mulana enthusiasts if there is a chance.

Things are getting bigger and bigger after La-Mulana was Greenlit, but in contrast, it is still quiet in Japan. But, I am pretty sure that it is a climax of La-Mulana project and NIGORO’s activity until now. Don’t miss it!