I will answer your questions about LA-MULANA2

We have not specially shown the progress of LA-MULANA2 since BitSummit2014, but needless to say, it is under development. Nevertheless, there is nothing we can show you because we are making the base system right now.
To tell the truth, we have begun the full-scale development since the beginning of June because we were busy with the exhibitions such as BitSummit and PAX EAST after KickStarter was funded.

However, it’s not fun to do nothing. The beginning of the development means that detailed specifications of LA-MULANA2 were determined.
After the announcement of development of the last work, LA-MULANA, what were we doing? Yes, questions and answers.
We can answer your questions within defined specifications.

Maybe we ought to provide this kind of information only for backers of KickStarter, it is against our policy that the information is going to be exclusive.
If you ask questions at this post, I will answer them all at once later on.
I’m looking forward to your questions that make me carelessly reveal top-secret.

In preparation

Unlike game shows that we went to before, we are going to run a booth this time.
I don’t know what indie booths look like, but we will warm up our booth as much as we can.

We will display poster and POP of the new project, and file La-Mulana’s rough sketches and scores.
We are planning to give something to guests who clear prescribed conditions. Now, we are creating that “something”.

I am in a situation where I rush to make a logo and illustrations of characters because it is a new project that we have no materials for the poster or whatever.
I have to make a promotional video, too.

Come and see, folks!

A preliminary announcement of new project starting

Well, La-Mulana’s remake project was announced in 2009, wasn’t it? It has been 4 years since last time we announced a new project, indeed.
We had been under development about 2 years, and after that, we have engaged in La-Mulana for two years by all possible means.

Surely, we are making the new game right now. We must get through some works, at least we can display a promotional video at TOKYO GAME SHOW so that you will be able to play a demo over there.
I am very happy to bring back a sense of making games after a long time.

I think I should share this happiness for everybody.


Speaking of new project, we need to make a special website which is in name only. In fact, it is my playground.
We will publish that soon, and I will enjoy teasing you till TGS. Don’t miss it.
Anyway, we won’t count it down.

The 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA

As we posted on 1st of April, the most popular game among our works is “Rose & Camellia”.
LA-MULANA could not reach the famousness even though how much effort we put into LA-MULANA’s promotion, and the title make us realize how difficult public relations is.

“So, you can take advantage of “Rose & Camellia” for LA-MULANA’s promotion.” PLAYISM-man said at the party of BitSummit.
“Sounds good.” I said while drunk.

It was a bit troublesome though, we did make this for celebrating the 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA.

Rose & Camellia & LA-MULANA

You should know how to play it.

The ultimate collaboration


We have combined our highly recommended work “LA-MULANA” and the most well-known of our works “Rose & Camellia”!
This looks exciting.