A preliminary announcement of new project starting

Well, La-Mulana’s remake project was announced in 2009, wasn’t it? It has been 4 years since last time we announced a new project, indeed.
We had been under development about 2 years, and after that, we have engaged in La-Mulana for two years by all possible means.

Surely, we are making the new game right now. We must get through some works, at least we can display a promotional video at TOKYO GAME SHOW so that you will be able to play a demo over there.
I am very happy to bring back a sense of making games after a long time.

I think I should share this happiness for everybody.


Speaking of new project, we need to make a special website which is in name only. In fact, it is my playground.
We will publish that soon, and I will enjoy teasing you till TGS. Don’t miss it.
Anyway, we won’t count it down.



  2. super excited! good luck!

  3. What day is it?

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing something new!

  5. Anonymous says

    “Let us place the body of the 9th child into the body of child 0.”

    I can’t wait!

  6. If the new game is even a fraction as great as La-Mulana then we are in for a treat! I absolutely love La-Mulana.

  7. MuscleSpark says


  8. Kalium says

    Possible La Mulana sequel?
    This is the best news I have received this year!
    Thanks for being awesome, Nigoro!

  9. Nigoro makes the best games. I am looking forward to your new game. I hope it lives up to the greatness of La-Mulana!

  10. Neospace says

    Why am I getting the feeling this isn’t that shoot ’em up from the Taipei presentation?

    • Shoot ’em? Does it mean a shooter game?

      • Neospace says

        Yes. Also now I now I feel really silly for not reading the blog.

      • The project of that shooter game was paused. Did you really look forward to NIGORO’s shooter game? I’m so sorry, if that’s the case. But new project will excite you, I think. Please look forward to it.

      • shoot’em is shoot them. In English, he would can become he’d. In old American cowboys are famous for sticking words together way to much.

  11. Richard Alvarado says

    😀 Woooooow I can’t wait for this

  12. NI GO RO is very nice

  13. AndyNPC says

    yes, Yes, YES!

  14. Wow! Can’t freaking wait for TGS in that case… going to be interesting to see what this next big game is!!

  15. Jack Dandy says

    Woohoo! I can’t wait to see it!

    The teaser is driving me nuts!

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