Teaser site open

We just revealed something called “Teaser site“.
Will update more information about LA-MULANA 2 on the page.

By the way, BitSummit 6 in Kyoto is starting tomorrow, and LA-MULANA 2 will be displayed there.

There is no NIGORO booth, but it can be seen at a corner of PLAYISM booth. You can start to play it form the very beginning point of the game.
It takes some time to walk through the introduction part, but you can see someone playing it in the back, and you can beat it to inherit from previous player’s progress.

NIGORO members also will be hanging around PLAYISM booth.
Looking forward to seeing you at Miyakomesse in Kyoto!

I will answer your questions about LA-MULANA2

We have not specially shown the progress of LA-MULANA2 since BitSummit2014, but needless to say, it is under development. Nevertheless, there is nothing we can show you because we are making the base system right now.
To tell the truth, we have begun the full-scale development since the beginning of June because we were busy with the exhibitions such as BitSummit and PAX EAST after KickStarter was funded.

However, it’s not fun to do nothing. The beginning of the development means that detailed specifications of LA-MULANA2 were determined.
After the announcement of development of the last work, LA-MULANA, what were we doing? Yes, questions and answers.
We can answer your questions within defined specifications.

Maybe we ought to provide this kind of information only for backers of KickStarter, it is against our policy that the information is going to be exclusive.
If you ask questions at this post, I will answer them all at once later on.
I’m looking forward to your questions that make me carelessly reveal top-secret.

Visit the United States

I have to do everything what I can do before publishing La-Mulana on Steam, because it is the last and the biggest opportunity. But, there are things that are just out of my control. In particular, to sell La-Mulana on Steam is meaningless if it is not sold in huge numbers in overseas, so we must promote it in overseas. However, we are in financial difficulties. We know it is a golden opportunity, but it’s impossible to get out of Japan and do advertising campaign overseas. Wait a second, will we regret not to do that even if we get into debt? But…

Since foreign journalists who are attending at Bit Summit are originally interested in Japanese indie games, so we have to make other people aware of La-Mulana. Then, I have got the biggest offer ever in the biggest opportunity.

I am going to GDC2013, and I will give a speech at the conference. As indie game developers, or rather as Japanese, I will be the second person who gives a solo speech. The first person is Mr. Amaya who is known as the developer of Cave Story.

About my speech, I wonder what I should say in the same way as the speech I did in Taiwan because we haven’t developed high quality games that we can be proud of. Well, it would be successful if I make the audience laugh. Instead, I am going to do everything such as interview and promotion. I have got support of PLAYISM, Bit Summit and so on for the visit to the U.S.

Wanna peep at IGF which is held next to the conference. Wanna talk with foreign indie game developers. Wanna meet La-Mulana enthusiasts if there is a chance.

Things are getting bigger and bigger after La-Mulana was Greenlit, but in contrast, it is still quiet in Japan. But, I am pretty sure that it is a climax of La-Mulana project and NIGORO’s activity until now. Don’t miss it!

I’m off to Taipei.

Hello, I’m Naramura. It’s been a while.
I’m going to take off to Taipei in order to attend 2012 Game App Developers Conference.

I was asked to make a speech at the conference.
It is rarely talked about because it seems not big as GDC.
I suppose I would speak in a lecture room at university.

But, whatever the scale, it is an honor for me to be invited overseas conference.

It won’t be streamed onto the internet and also won’t be an article in Japan.
I will update the address on this blog on the day.