In preparation

Unlike game shows that we went to before, we are going to run a booth this time.
I don’t know what indie booths look like, but we will warm up our booth as much as we can.

We will display poster and POP of the new project, and file La-Mulana’s rough sketches and scores.
We are planning to give something to guests who clear prescribed conditions. Now, we are creating that “something”.

I am in a situation where I rush to make a logo and illustrations of characters because it is a new project that we have no materials for the poster or whatever.
I have to make a promotional video, too.

Come and see, folks!


  1. Ooh, I wish I could go and have a Nigoro object to carry with me!

  2. Oh man, a Naramura figure? That would be awesome to have.

  3. So very very excited!

  4. I’m excited for news about the new project!

  5. Jack Dandy says

    Who was it that drew these pictures?

    You should give him a pat on the back, and encourage him to draw more cute girls. Mulbruk’s thighs are a miracle of hte universe.
    (His man character designs are great, too! I want to see more of the Kosugi family!)

    I look forward to seeing more of his character designs.

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