The final day of TGS

Well, it’s the final day. I am going to get on the stage of indie game booth twice today.
My 1st talk is scheduled at 10:50. I will appear on “Commentary by the Scene’s Finest: Edition 4” for introducing LA-MULANA. That would be a very short time.
My 2nd talk is scheduled at 16:10. I will appear on “Indie Game Talk Live”.
Surprisingly, Mr. Inafune appears on it, too.

At the night, the start-up party of INDIE STREAM will be held in the head-office building of SCEJ. This event was planed by Naramura and Mr. Agarie who is making TENGAMI from NYAMAM. We have big news only for that party.

We didn’t inform much this time for the people who come to visit our booth in TGS.
We will immediately summarize and release a report on NIGORO’s blog right after TGS.
Some more information about LA-MULANA2 will be also gradually released.

We enjoyed getting your opinions and seeing your comments on LA-MULANA’s blog.
Let’s share those pleasures again.


  1. A question arose on the Steam forums. What was the reason the original LA-MULANA was made? Was it for art or craft, or was it for the players, or was something you all wanted to do to improve your skills? Did you make it for fun? The reason for going into LA-MULANA WiiWare and PLAYISM, as well as LA-MULANA 2 is for your lively-hood, right?

    • What nice figures those are!!
      Personally, I wanna make figures of La-Mulana. But I don’t know about things in the future.
      Thank you for telling me!

      • That would be wonderful. I was very impressed with the handmade Naramura figures – I wish I could have gone to TGS to see them!

  2. Anonymous says

    When La Mulana was released, there were already extensve guides out. I look forward to playing this, where I won’t have an opportunity to cheat.

  3. I just beat Hell Temple. I am now ready for La-Mulana 2. Would love to see the concept art!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I am very glad you’ve decided to make a sequel to the game, as La-Mulana might just be my favorite game of all-time. Best of luck with the development!

  5. My heart is with you

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