Thank you for coming to our booth at TGS

I’m now able to concentrate on my work because I have recovered from fatigue of the TGS expedition.
Thank you everyone who came to play LA-MULANA2 at TGS.

a_tgs02 a_tgs03
We had a fun because that was rare opportunity for us to watch many people playing our game in front of us. I was surprised that I found even some women and kids were playing it. I thought only pops play our games.

I suppose some people are expecting new information about LA-MULANA2, but we will not open it for a while. We will start to release a bunch of new information at a certain point. Imagine this and that until then.

A hint is “The upside-down Yggdrasil”. You can see that in LA-MULANA, too.
Other hints of LA-MULANA2 are also scattered in the LA-MULANA ruins.



    Yggdrasil is pretty fascinating in itself. I wonder if’s going to be more about “Trees of Life” rather than the Yggdrasil itself.

  2. Jack Dandy says


    Are there any hints, besides the “Let us put the 9th child soul in the body of child 0” and the “Humanity will be eliminated in 2015” tablets?

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