LA-MULANA meets Mighty No.9

Finally, I met him.

Mr. Inafune’s company, Comcept, is not small, but he said “I set up this company so that I will do what I want.” and said “that’s because the company is an indie game studio”.

We have got a great senior associate in Japanese indie game industry. Please watch the movement of the industry from now on.


  1. Oh! A Playstation devise! (although in America the big consoles are Steam and X-box. both companies are making new hardware…)

  2. It’s nice to see Inafune’s project doing so well. Companies like Comcept and NIGORO would suffer pretty hard if they had to work with publishers, and its really sad to hear how Inafune doesn’t have any rights to his own creations while working at capcom.

  3. giga-ganon says

    so…. la-mulana is going to be released on vita?

    anyway, can’t wait to play la-mulana 2 and mighty 9! two thing that i wanted for a long time announced nearly at the same time, so awesome!

  4. Wow thats awesome!

    (also loving the La-Mulana project t-shirt! hehe)

  5. Danaroth says

    But, but… he’s not Inafune, his shirt should be #9 =P


  1. […] La-Mulana è un gioco di Archeology Adventure’ game, originariamente realizzato nel 2006 dai membri del NIGORO, è stato rifatto nel 2011 e rilasciato su WiiWare, per poi essere portato successivamente anche su PC. Grazie ai fan il gioco è stato […]

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