Sick Leave

Sorry for the sudden notice, but it seems I have to go to hospital and get surgery next week.
I’m not interested in the disease itself so I don’t remember the name, but it’s something that gives paralysis or pain in the arms due to the pressure to the nerves around my neck.
Paralysis was happening around my right finger since last December, and these days it was giving me intense pain after using a mouse or keyboard for more than an hour.
Most recently, my left side, which is my dominant arm got paralyzed. I have to give up on trying to force myself to work.

However, preparation for my hospital stay is ready since the symptom had been there for a long time.
I already passed all the assets for enemy animations or menu specifications to the programmer, so they can keep working without me.
For myself, I cannot move at all for only a day after the surgery. Then for two weeks my neck will be fixed. Here, I’ve been told from the doctor that I actually should work during that time for rehabilitation, so this won’t stop me from working.

Compared to before, I’ll be able to get enough sleep and I bet the environment will be more serene and calm, so maybe I can concentrate better.
We’ve been too busy with creating the data in front of us, so this should be good timing to reexamine this project as a whole.

Well, I cannot say it won’t affect the schedule at all, but still it’s getting so close to the end.
I’ll complete LA-MULANA2 for sure! Of course as my masterwork!

From now on, we’ll try to announce the release schedule along with the usual progress report.

Takumi Naramura


  1. Paul Darbyshire says

    Get well soon, and thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Good luck man, I’m looking forward to the game but it’s fine if it takes a little longer.

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