Indie game booths will be installed at coming TOKYO GAME SHOW 2013.

TOKYO GAME SHOW is basically an exhibition of console games. It was less attractive for us and we just expected to have chances to meet our fans who live around Tokyo. To tell the truth, we have not gone to TOKYO GAME SHOW since we did not attach importance to that.

However, we decided to join it this time because we can exhibit something as an indie game developer. So, we are making plans since it is a rare opportunity.

We don’t have enough reason and budget to participate for all days. Then, we are going to exhibit at an indie game booth on public exhibition days, September 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun).

We think that people who are very interested in indie games would only come there because that place is not only far from the main site but also across the street from the main site. So, we will do what we would like to.

Now, we are trying hard to work on our exhibits and we will display the playable demo of the new project. We will make something to hand out because selling something on the site is forbidden.

We welcome reporters whenever they would like to come and stay longer because I think the booths for indie games will be more quiet than the main site.

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