LA-MULANA(PC/Steam) Update

We got a bug report from an overseas player who said “I have nailed the glitch at the final boss fight! It’s a quite rare case, though.”

We acknowledged the game freezing glitch by watching play-through videos, but we couldn’t figure out why it happened and couldn’t deal with it because all our resources are focusing on La-Mulana 2 development.

The glitch was fixed right away since the report was very specific. We thank him very much!!

So, La-Mulana Ver.1.6.6.x is released today.

It will be automatically updated on Steam client. If you got a copy from Playism or other distributors, please download it again at each distribution’s site and overwrite your previous La-Mulana installation.

We are still busy working on La-Mulana 2.
Thank you for your patience.


  1. Francois Martin says

    Woaw ! Awesome to see that you still support and update La-Mulana despite working hard on La-Mulana 2! Kudos to your team! But you just made me secretly hope again for a PC update to La-Mulana EX…

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