Mac version’s LA-MULANA

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Today, we announce Mac OS version’s LA-MULANA which was prepared for Humble Bundle sale is officially released on Steam.

To be honest, there was no plan to port into Mac OS, so we did outsource the development.
We understand the quality isn’t perfect despite it took long time.
There might be some glitches compare to the windows version.
But we call it official version, because we don’t have much time to refine it any more.

That is the reason why LA-MULANA2 is being made by Unity that is capable for multi-platforms.
NIGORO games will not give up Mac users from now on!

Can’t you believe it?

I am a longtime Apple user since Power Macintosh 7500.


  1. Theo S says

    I love your dedication to the fans and I love LA-MULANA!

  2. QuietFox says

    I am checking this page way too often for my own good. I’m assuming La-Mulana 2 won’t be out this summer but will it appear by the end of the year? I don’t mean to rush, take your time devs, I am just very excited and glad we’re getting a sequel.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, QuietFox!
      We can’t tell the release date yet, but we are keep working on it.

  3. Thanks! La-Mulana 2 is behind schedule, but we are busy working on it!

  4. One thing: you don’t mention Linux in your blog post. Why is that?

    • Yes, La-Mulana supports Linux, too. There is no particular reason, Mac users are just bigger than Linux ones.

  5. La-Mulana 2 being on Unity is a fun thing to know!

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