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2015 is about to come to an end.

We’ve tried implying progress to everyone via KickStarter updates or at event venues. Some people who’ve known NIGORO since long ago guessed what we meant. LA-MULANA 2 won’t be released in this year. We are sorry about that, but it’s impossible.

After our KickStarter project concluded, we spent about one year while we did major revisions for events and worked on the PS Vita version. In addition, we had many turns and twists until we ultimately decided to shift to Unity environment.

Thanks to that decision, porting into consumer platforms will go smoothly after the PC version is released.

Since this project was made possible through Kickstarter, it’s only fair that we must announce this information to Kickstarter backers first. Additionally, we’re working hard on this project so as to not repeat our wrongdoing such as when we developed the WiiWare version of LA-MULANA. We claimed “We will have done it in a half year!”, after that we kept apologizing for one year, and then we kept silent for the next year.

We will disclose game contents as soon as we prepare a website for LA-MULANA 2 in 2016.

So, when will we finish up LA-MULANA 2?
We don’t wanna spend one more year, but we don’t think it will be released in a few months.

We might publish it as an advance release when we finished the part of the main story, which we actually did before working as NIGORO. But, we’ll never release it until we ensure the quality that is appropriate for the name “LA-MULANA 2.”

Development takes priority over anything else, so we can’t take much time to do public relations and update official website because we are a very small team. We are sorry for inconvenience.

We are working so hard to accomplish La-MULANA 2 that convinces everyone. We appreciate your patience.


  1. That’s OK, take your time guys! Great games take a long time to develop. Best of luck!

  2. NGage says:

    Thanks for the update, and keep up the amazing work! You are the best.

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