Tokyo Game Show 2015


We exhibit LA-MULANA 2 at Tokyo Game Show three years in a row. Will do next year!

Regardless of its memorial, LA-MULANA’s OST is released on Steam as DLC.

The score books that I spent long time in secret is also completed. You can download them at the download page.

We hope you take this occasion to enjoy LA-MULANA music by the time LA-MULANA 2 completes.


  1. Thank you so much! Other people do not value your work, but having these compositions and this music release is a blessing! I have learned very much from La-MULANA.

    • Hi Jhale,
      We are happy to hear that because we stick not only gameplay but also music.
      Thank you for playing La-Mulana!!

  2. giga-ganon says:

    already 3 years, man… Hope that we will celebrating the release for the fourth time! Can’t wait

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