Rose & Camellia


This is the elegant art of feminine conflict.
On the very day after she married into the noble Tsubakikoji family, Reiko suffered the loss of her husband Shunsuke. Left alone to endure the haughty torments of the clan, Reiko has finally declared war on the rest of the family.

“I am the widow of the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji family. This house is mine!”

With the rose Shunsuke gave her clutched to her bosom, Reiko squares off against the entire household…

Game Contents

i01This is a mini-game where Reiko fights other members of the noble Tsubakikoji family. The battles consist of an exchange of face-slaps. You and your opponent try to slap each other until one side has lost all her health; the one left standing is the victor.

During your attack phase, press the attack button to ready a swing, then move the cursor to your opponent’s face to execute a slap. You can attack as many times as you like until time is up. If your slap is too feeble, you may open yourself up to a counterattack from your opponent.

During the enemy’s attack phase, press the evade button, then pull the cursor near Reiko’s back to dodge the enemy’s slap. After evading, you can attempt a counterattack.

Of course, the enemy can also evade your attacks and hit you with high-damage Critical Slaps, so it is important to come at your enemy as fast and furious as possible.

Such is the genteel art of face-slapping, passed down from antiquity through generations of blueblood women. While it is a form of combat, it has its own strict ruleset and can be appreciated as a kind of magnificent sport.



Heroine: Reiko Tsubakikoji
Born a commoner, the death of her husband has left her isolated among the nobility. Will the musclepower she developed through years in the spinning mills give her the edge against the Tsubakikoji clan?
Saori Tsubakikoji
The younger of the Tsubakikoji daughters. The archetype of aristocratic womanhood, she possesses little true strength due to her sheltered upbringing.
Shizuka Tsubakikoji
The elder daughter of the Tsubakikoji clan, she is married to the noble-born son of a distant relative. Her husband’s minor clout pales in comparison to the considerable prestige she still wields as a Tsubakikoji.
Lady Hanae Tsubakikoji
Head of the Tsubakikoji house. Her advanced age belies the brutal power of her slaps.

How to Play

howto1: Time Bar
: Attack Button
: Evade Button
: Counter Button
: Enemy Health
: Player Health
: Change Difficulty
: Start Button
 : Sound Off Button

Click the Start button on the title screen to start the game and view the opening cutscene. At the end of this scene, the game will begin. You can adjust the difficulty settings before you click the Start button. There are five levels of ascending difficulty.


Once the battle begins, the time bar will begin to move. If the time bar is blue, it is your turn to attack. Click the Attack button, then bring the cursor to your enemy’s face in a slapping motion. Striking her cheek will result in a successful slap. If your slap is too slow or too far off target, the enemy will dodge, and you may open yourself up for a counterattack.

If the time bar is red, it’s the enemy’s turn to attack. Click the Evade button and move the cursor near Reiko’s back in a dodging motion. If you are successful, you will evade the enemy’s attack and the Counter button will appear. You can click this button to counterattack, but if you miss, the enemy will strike you.
Whittle your enemy’s health down to zero to clear the stage. If your health hits zero, the game is over.


During your attack, if you aim for a specific spot, you can achieve a Critical Slap for extra damage. Critical spots vary depending on the enemy.