I’m the Mekuri Master, the Skirt-Flip King. The name isn’t their idea… It’s mine.
I’m a man who was born to lift skirts. You think any so-called “rules” are gonna stop me? When classes get out, I race through the corridors like a fearsome wind, flipping, flipping, flipping up girls’ skirts and letting the whole world know that I am the Mekuri Master!

The Mekuri Master Song

Ah Mekuri Mekuri Mekuri Master
Ah Flip ’em up Flip ’em up Flip up those precious skirts
Oh, I swear (Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh)
I promise I’ll be good next time, so please, oh please let me stay in school
What’s under the skirts doesn’t interest me, but pulling them up is like heavenly music


i01Mekuri Master’s only goal is to continue skirt-flipping (mekuri). Use the mouse to lift up the skirts. As you flip more and more, Mekuri Master’s excitement will grow. When it reaches its peak, he will transform into Super Mekuri Master. Super Mekuri Master can perform Mekuri Combos, so just keep flipping as fast as you can and aim for a high score!

Flip skirts in each of the breaks throughout the day. When you reach the end of the school day, you will proceed to the next day and the difficulty will increase. Lunch Hour and After School are bonus stages. During lunch hour, lift the skirts of all the girls in the bread line at once. After school, train your mekuri prowess by smashing a statue. In both cases, success earns you a huge point bonus.

* Warning! *

Playing Mekuri Master for long stretches at a time can put strain on your wrists and eyes. Please suppress your admirable skirt-lifting urges and take breaks in between stages. A small-size mouse or pen tablet is also recommended.




Mekuri Master

The self-proclaimed Master of Mekuri, he spends the breaks between classes running through the hallways lifting girls’ skirts. A pathetic character who lives only for the moment when a skirt flies up, he is spineless when it comes to direct conflict. Due to all the running outside of class, he invariably sleeps through every lesson. Needless to say, his grades are abysmal.

Female Student

The victim of this game. She’s unfortunately not very skilled at guarding herself, but none of the boys seem to complain.


Member of a gang of thugs. When the gang learned that some loser was running around flipping up girls’ skirts, they vowed to patrol the hallways. Compared to Mekuri Master, they are paragons of virtue.

Girl Gang Member

Her long skirt is difficult to lift. Slip up, and she’ll whack you with her binder. A less-than-ideal target, perhaps, but it is the Mekuri Master’s curse to leave no skirt unflipped.

Girl Gang Leader

“Just try and lift this!” taunts the leader of the girl gang. Her skirt, of course, is long and hard to flip, and failure is met with the business end of a bamboo fencing stick. Still, troublemaker or no, she’s undeniably pretty, and your Mekuri Meter will shoot sky-high if you pull it off.

Guidance Counselor

Everyone’s favorite authority figure, she patrols the halls to see that campus harmony is not disturbed. Trying to lift her skirt while she’s looking to the left will earn you a swift knee to a very tender spot, so wait until she’s facing the other way. There’s nothing like an older woman’s mystique to get the old Mekuri Meter racing.

How to Play

howto1: Mekuri Master
: Female Student
: Mekuri Meter
: Score
: Difficulty Level
: Time
: Number of Favorite Panties Collected

 : Username    : Show Ranking    : Training
 : Change Difficulty    : Start Button    : Choose Favorite Panties

NIGORO Flash Bar

: Pause Button   : Change Visual Quality   : Mute Button   : Music Off   : Volume Control


Click the Start Button on the title screen to start the game. You can adjust the difficulty settings before you start. There are five selectable difficulty levels, with “5” being the hardest. If you enter a Username on the title screen, you can participate in the high score rankings. You can check the current high score rankings by clicking the Ranking button.

You play as Mekuri Master. The object of the game is to lift girls’ skirts. Move the mouse cursor up a skirt from bottom to top in order to flip it up. Depending on the placement of your cursor, a successful flip will earn one of three grades (Good, Great, or Perfect) and your Mekuri Meter will increase. The closer the cursor’s sweep is to the center of the skirt, the better your grade. Getting a Perfect can sometimes flip the skirt of nearby girls as well, resulting in an extra bonus to your Mekuri Meter. Failing a skirt-flip or allowing an unflipped girl to reach the left side of the screen will result in a Bad grade, and your Mekuri Meter will decrease.

When the Mekuri Meter maxes out, you turn into Super Mekuri Master. All action will slow down, and you will be able to pull off continuous combos for huge scores. While you are transformed into Super Mekuri Master, the Mekuri Meter will slowly deplete. If it falls below 2/3-full, you will revert to normal status.

Besides regular female students, you will also encounter delinquents, girl gangs, and counselors. Making a mistake with your skirt-flipping can lead to being attacked and taking damage. When you clear a full day’s worth of stages (5 stages + 2 bonus rounds), the difficulty goes up a notch and the game starts over from Stage 1. In this way, the difficulty level can climb higher than 5. If your Mekuri Meter reaches zero, the game is over.

Stages 3 and 5 are followed by bonus stages. There are two kinds of bonus stages.


Lunch Hour 

There are a group of girls lined up to buy bread. Sweep their skirts all at once and claim the bread for yourself. The Mekuri Meter rises and falls with Mekuri Master’s shouts. Sweep the cursor across the skirts from the leftmost girl to the rightmost.
The state of the Mekuri Meter will determine how many skirts you actually lift. If you can flip every skirt, the bread is yours, along with a healthy point bonus.



Tomorrow is a New Day

Practice your skirt-flipping moves on a bronze statue until it crumbles. Destroy the statue within a certain number of blows to earn a huge point bonus.