Lonely house-moving


The day has come for Ayumi’s big move to city life in Saitama.  More than her friend, not quite her sweetheart, Hashio sees her off with his true feelings buried deep in his heart.

As the truck pulls off, the heartache written on Ayumi’s face summons back the memories of that day, the words he couldn’t say.  Alone on the dusty country road, Hashio slips into quiet melancholy.  Before he knows what he’s doing, he finds himself running full-tilt after her!


Chase after Ayumi’s moving truck as fast as you can.  The country road is unpaved, so the truck will occasionally bounce as it hits bumps and stones.  Thanks to slipshod packing, every time the truck gets jostled, one of the items will come loose.  Avoid the items that fly off the truck and other road obstacles, and keep up the chase until Ayumi notices you.  Move left and right using the arrow keys and jump with the space bar.

Hashio’s speed matches that of the truck, so even just running will wear down his endurance little by little.  Colliding with luggage and obstacles will damage him considerably.  A few items like rice balls and sports drinks will replenish Hashio’s endurance, so be sure to collect these whenever possible.

It’s OK to run under a bounding object, but jumping over it will net you extra points.  The closer you are to the truck, the more points you will get from jumping obstacles or running.  The only path to a high score is to face the danger and get up close to that truck! 




Hashio (18)

A boring, unremarkable young man, he lacks the courage to strike out for a big-city university, so instead he’s just planning to take over the family farm.  However, he comes from a long line of swift runners, and in fact there’s not a soul who can outrun him.  It’s a pity he himself has yet to realize this.

Ayumi (18)

The village idol, with the figure, face, and grades to match.  She got into a top-ranked college and is moving to the city.  It’s one of life’s great mysteries as to what she sees in Hashio.

The Man From Sakae Shipping (45)

He’s driven this road for 28 years.  He knows what his job is, and that’s to get the truck to its destination — and if some of the luggage makes it there as well, all the better.  He has been known to pass out 10,000-yen bills caked in mud.  (Note: This information has nothing to do with the game.)

How to Play

howto1: You      : Score
: Truck  : Difficulty
: Endurance

This game uses keyboard control.
Arrow keys left/right : Move        Space bar : Jump
: Username   : Set Difficulty   : Start Button   : Show Rankings


: Pause Button   : Change Visual Quality   : Mute Button   : Music Off   : Volume Control

On the title screen, click the Start Button to start the game.  After a short cutscene, the game will begin.  You can adjust the difficulty before you start the game.  You can adjust the difficulty settings before you start. There are five selectable difficulty levels, with “5” being the hardest. If you enter a Username on the title screen, you can participate in the high score rankings. You can check the current high score rankings by clicking the Show Rankings button.


As the game starts, you will see Ayumi drive off before gameplay begins.  Jump over the bouncing luggage and other obstacles.  Colliding with them will result in damage and may even send you tumbling.  Hashio runs at the same speed as the truck, so over time he will lose endurance little by little.  If he gets knocked off the screen, he’ll do a super-sprint to catch up, which expends a great deal of endurance.  When Hashio’s endurance runs out, the game is over.

Once in a while, endurance-boost items will be thrown from the truck or by farmers working by the side of the road.  Catch these to get your energy back and keep running until Ayumi notices you.  The closer you are to the truck, the higher scores you will get for running and for jumping over obstacles.




Moving Truck and Luggage

As you can see, the luggage is completely unsecured and will fly off at the slightest provocation.  Each item has a different bounce pattern and damage penalty, so take care.


Pops out of the ground when you least expect it.  If Hashio trips over it, he’ll stumble and fall.


A mean old critter who harasses you by skimming close to the ground or unloading its droppings at just the wrong moment.


The most enthusiastic sportsman in the village.  When the day’s farm work is done, he can always be found racing around the village on his bicycle.


Seeing you running pell-mell after Ayumi inspires him to toss you power-ups like lemons or the local specialty, corn.


The statue of Jizo, the guardian deity of travelers and children, stands watch over the village.  He receives many rice dumplings as offerings, and he just might share them with one who has the courage to follow his heart.